BCC Student Ambassadors 2019-2020

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 Abigail Gordon







Name: Abigail Gordon
Former School: Harrison College
Majors/Programme: Law, Spanish & German for Business and Tourism
Favourite Activities: Art, Crocheting and Baking
Favourite Spot on Campus: The Library
Advice to New Students: Form alliances with likeminded people and be prepared to work hard.



Andreana Watson 

Name: Andreana Watson
Former School: Career Development Institution
Majors/Programme: Accounting & Management
Favourite Activities: Playing Netball and Cheerleading
Favourite Spot on Campus: Liberal Arts Auditorium
Advice to New Students: 1) Take the work “Can’t” out of your vocabulary. If you believe you can’t do it then you won’t get it done. 2) Never give up the sky is the limit. 3) Above all always give God thanks!



Aquon Bovell 

Name: Aquon Bovell
Former School: Coleridge & Parry School
Majors /Programme: Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics
Favourite Activities: Reading in the Library
Favourite Spot On Campus: The benches under the trees by the Science Division.
Advice To New Students: - Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Alissa Hill

Name: Alyssa Hill
Former School: Queen's College
Majors/ Programmes: Associates Degree In Arts, Law and Economics
Favourite Activities: Reading, Social Media, Cooking
Favourite Spot On Campus: TCD 105
Advice To New Students: This might sound cliché, but I would honestly say to strive to end your first semester with the highest GPA you can achieve because this is the foundation for your success at BCC. If you start off badly, there's a higher chance you'll end badly. Secondly, please study at least 2 weeks before exams. Lastly, venture and make friends, BCC is not just for all work and no play, it is a playing field of opportunities.


 Gabriella Rogers

Name: Gabriella Rogers 
Former School: Queen's College 
Majors/ Programme: Biology and Chemistry 
Favourite Activities: Free Diving, Diving, Reading, Being with friends and family 
Favourite spot on campus: Benches by the pasture underneath the trees. 
Advice to new students: You don't need to have everything figured out; there is room for growth, improvement and change. Just take it all in with an open mind.



Kathy-Ann Earle 

Name: Kathy-Ann Earle
Former School: Princess Margaret Secondary School
Majors/ Programme: Accounting & Management
Favourite Activities: Singing, Drama and Quiet Times of Reflection at the beach.
Favourite Spot On Campus: The Library 
Advice To New Students: Use your time wisely. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.



 Kyle Spenard 

Name: Kyle Spenard
Former School: Providence Secondary
Majors/ Programme: Chemistry And Mathematics
Favourite Activities: Crossfitter
Favourite Spot On Campus: None
Advice to New Students: Don’t abuse the new freedom and stay on top of your work.  



 Melissa Ramnauth

Name: Melissa Ramnauth
Former School: Saint Stanislaus College (Guyana)
Majors/ Programme: Clinical Laboratory Science
Favourite Activities: Reading, Eating And Creative Calligraphy 
Favourite Spot on Campus: Hanging out in the cafeteria with friends from the different Divisions.
Advice to New Students: Use the power of positive thinking and believe in yourself by coping with failure and learning from mistakes. Also take smart notes and ask lots of questions.



 Sarah Lewis

Name: Sarah Lewis 
Former School: Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute Of Technology
Majors/ Programme: Accounting and Management 
Favourite Activities: Singing, Dancing, Travelling and Playing Netball 
Favourite Spot on Campus: The Liberal Arts Auditorium 
Advice to New Students: My advice to the new students is to come with an open mind and a positive attitude, take advantage of every opportunity and always put your best foot forward, strive to be the best you can be.



 Shakari Cadogan 

Name: Shakari Cadogan 
Former School: Christ Church Foundation School 
Majors/Programme: Law & Sociology
Favourite Activities: Playing the Piano & Listening to different genres of music 
Favourite Spot on Campus: The Library 
Advice to New Students: Do not let the transition distract you from your school work. Stay focus and choose your friends wisely. 


Sonia Burgess

Name: Sonia Burgess
Former School: Springer Memorial Secondary
Majors/ Programme: Hospitality Studies
Favourite Activities: Singing, Art And Craft, Sports, Volunteering, Travelling And Participating In Adventurous Activities
Favourite Spot On Campus: None
Advice to New Students: Never restrict yourself to studies only; participate in an activity on campus such as joining a club or being an active member in a sport to bring balance, exposure and experience to one’s time spent as a member of Barbados Community College.


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