Instructions for Final Examination

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Semester 1, 2018-2019 Examinations
December 3 to 14, 2018


  1. Students must display a valid BCC student identification card.
  2. To qualify to sit a final examination in any course, students must satisfy 80% class attendance or must obtain the permission of the Senior Tutor on the recommendation of the course tutor.
  3. Examination timetables are posted on the Examination Notice Board located outside the Registrar’s Office and in your Division. Please be sure to check for the correct day, time and room for the examination before the actual day of the examination.
  4. If there is a clash with other examinations please notify your Senior Tutor immediately.
  5. When large numbers of students are being examined such as for Cores and some Electives, several rooms are used for examinations and more than one group assigned to a room. Please be sure to know your group name and number and to go to the correct room assigned as indicated on the examination notice board.
  6. Students must present themselves at the examination room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination.
  7. Students must wait outside the examination room until they are invited by the invigilator to enter the room and must sit where directed. 
  8. A student who does not sit the examination for a course for which he/she is registered, will be deemed to have failed that examination. This regulation will not apply in the case of illness supported by a medical certificate or other justifiable cause duly reported to the Head of Department/Division. (Please note that missing an examination because due care and attention was not given to the dates and times as set out in the final examination timetable is not a justifiable cause). 
  9. No student will be permitted to enter the examination room after the first 30 minutes of the examination period. 
  10. No student will be permitted to leave the examination room during the first 30 minutes or during the last 30 minutes of the examination period. 
  11. Students will be permitted to bring into the examination: pens, ink, coloured felt-tip pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, rulers, erasers, calculators (unless specifically prohibited).
  12. Unless separately advised, students will not be allowed to bring into the examination room: books, note or scrap paper, calculators, iPads, tablets, smart watches, mobile phones, laptops or any other electronic gadget or equipment. All phones must be completely turned off and placed in bags.
  13. Cell phones and any form of computer and electronic equipment are not allowed. All phones must be completely turned off and placed in bags.
  14. Personal belongings such as bags, pencil cases, handbags must be placed in the area designated by the Invigilator. Once the examination has started, any student who wishes to remove anything (such as tissue or a pen) from his/her bag, must raise their hand and seek the permission of the invigilator. 
  15. Students will be given a supply of paper or examination books on which to write the examination. 
  16. All answers should be written on the paper or books provided by the Invigilator. 
  17. Additional paper or books may be obtained by raising a hand to attract the attention of the Invigilator, not by a verbal request or movement away from the desk. 
  18. There will be an instruction sheet on the front of each question paper. Please be sure to complete the instructions when instructed to do so. 
  19. Begin the examination only when instructed to do so. 
  20. Students should make sure that they understand the correct number of questions to be answered and whether or not there are any compulsory questions. 
  21. The invigilator will inform students when to begin writing the examination. 
  22. The invigilator will inform students when there are 30 minutes and 5 minutes left before the end of the examination. When the invigilator instructs students to stop writing, they should immediately cease writing. 
  23. No student may in any circumstances speak to or communicate with another student in the examination room. Strict silence must be observed during the examination. 
  24. All enquiries must be addressed to the invigilator. 
  25. A student is not permitted to make use of any unauthorized book, manuscript or other extraneous aid, nor communicate with any person other than the invigilator, nor attempt to complete his or her examination by any unfair means.
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