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Payment of Fees

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Regulations Concerning Payment of Fees


Students are required to comply with the regulations relating to the payment of fees. Failure to do so may result in de-registration.

  1. All students are required to make full payment of fees for courses/programmes of study before the start of the course/programme.
  2. Provision to pay fees by installment, determined by the Registrar, may be made ONLY in special cases when a student is unable to make full payment of fees.
  3. Students granted permission to pay fees by installment MUST pay the quantum of fees for the semester before the date of semester examinations in order to be eligible to write said examinations.
  4. Students failing to comply with the payment schedule will not be permitted to write examinations, EXCEPT in special circumstances (to be determined by the Registrar or his/her designee).
  5. In any situation when a student is unable to comply with the schedule of payment, he/she should discuss the matter with the Registrar or his/her designee.