Supplemental Exams Timetable

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The Division of Computer Studies wishes to advise their students that Supplemental Exams will now run from Monday 2 September to Thursday 5 September, 2019. Please review the schedule below.  


Location: HSc 312 - 313C  

Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


All students are required to sign up in the office for the Supplemental Exams prior to the date of the exam.





Monday 2 September

Comp 106  Database Management Systems

Comp 204  Operating Systems

S Greenidge,  M Griffith

Tuesday 3  September

Comp 206  Intro Web page Design  (Lab 1)

Comp 104  Intro Database  (Commerce group)

R Rollins-Elie, C Clarke

S Greenidge,  Ro Jones

Wednesday 4 September

Comp 108  Statistics

Comp 212  Hardware Fundamentals

Comp. Application in Agri. Science (Science Division)(Lab 1)

C Clarke,  A Linton-Jones

Thursday 5 September


Comp 151  Program Implementation using  Java

Comp 150 Problem Solving & Program design

Comp 105 OOPD using Java

D Best , A Linton-Jones