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Our faculty has tutors with years of training and practical experience. Staff members are listed below:


Allison ThompsonDivisional Head/Senior Tutor (Ag.)Allison Thompson has been lecturing in art history and critical theory in the Division since 1986. She has worked with a number of cultural organisations in Barbados including the National Art Gallery Committee, the Art Collection Foundation, and ICOM Barbados. She was the founding president of AICA Southern Caribbean, a regional chapter of the International Association of Art Critics. She has written numerous articles and catalogue essays on Caribbean art and is the co-author, along with Alissandra Cummins and Nick Whittle, of the book, Art in Barbados: What kind of mirror image.
John SpringerCoordinator for Visual Arts
Russell HatcherVisual Arts
Bernadiene Scott-BoyceCoordinator for Fashion and Interior
Zann WardFashion
Roger GittensCoordinator for Performing Arts programmes, Music
Michelle CoxCoordinator for Theatre Arts
Shama HardingCoordinator for Dance
Shelly MayersCoordinator for Graphic Design
Allan LoweGraphic Design
Ewan AtkinsonCoordinator for Studio Art
Winston KellmanStudio Art/Visual Art
Inan RawlinsClerk Typist
Terry EdwardsStudio Attendant

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