Why Pursue Hospitality Studies?

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If you’re an aspiring hotel employee, manager, or entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, then BCC’s Hospitality Institute (BCCHI) is the place for you. Benefits include:

  • Job opportunities in abundance
  • Education that is easily accessible up to Masters Level
  • Exciting projects and activities
  • Joining an industry that is one of the island’s main earner of foreign exchange


One of its kind

BCC has dedicated a separate campus to the training of hotel and restaurant staff. In 1997 the PomMarine Hotel and Hospitality Institute opened in Marine Gardens, Hastings, Christ Church. It is the only hotel training school of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean where students are given the opportunity to work in a fully operational hotel and restaurant both of which are open to the public. Our local tourism industry and those of the region benefit greatly from the expertise offered here.


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