Language Competitions

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The Language Centre annually hosts French and Spanish language competitions called Encuentro/Rencontres.


These competitions are the brainchild of Joseph Inniss (Tutor 1, Curriculum) and began as Encuentro – a Spanish speech competition for A-Level, Associate Degree and first year students of UWI in 1992. 


Eight Competitions

With the increasing interest and participation shown by schools, Encuentro has expanded to Encuentro/Rencontres, a total of eight competitions spanning primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

  • Three competitions in French
    • Eloquence
    • Clin D’Oeil
    • Rencontres
  • Five competitions in Spanish
    • Declamaciones
    • A La Vista
    • Encuentro
    • Encuentro Musical
    • Encuentro Musical for Primary school students of Spanish, is staged biennially


The objective is to increase students’ confidence in using foreign languages by providing them with opportunities to display their language skills in a public setting.  The next competition is scheduled to run in October and November, 2014.


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