Required Texts

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You will need the following texts for your particular area of study in the Division of Science.


Biology: Concepts and Applications - Understanding Biology for Advanced Level C. Starr, Glenn Toole & Susan Tool
Introduction to Advanced Chemistry for A Level  Earl & Wilford  
Introduction to Organic & Biochemistry  Betellheim, Brown, March   
Chemistry the Central Science  Brown, Lemay & Bursten 
Comprehensive Qualitative Analysis for A-Level Chemistry* Lambert & Mohammed  
Action & Reaction Workbook - Introduction to Physical Chemistry A. A.  Alleyne
Environmental Science  
Principles of Environmental Science: Inquiry and Applications  W.P. Cunningham and M.A. Cunningham
Introducing Pure Mathematics (2nd Ed.)  R. Smedley & G. Wiseman
A Concise Course in A-Level Statistics (4th Ed.)  J. Crawshaw & J. Chambers 
Further Pure Mathematics*           Brian & Mark Gaulter 
Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis* (5th Ed.)     Cliff Ragsdale
A-Level Physics (Latest Ed.)        Roger Muncaster 
Practice in Physics (2nd Ed.)       Akrill, Bennet, Millar                  
Medical Physics* Mike Crundell & Kevin Proctor
Electronic Boxes* K. D. Hallsworth

  *Not needed until 2nd year.  


Note: These Books are subject to change without notice.

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