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The CPC is one of the chief student support services offered by BCC.  The goals of the Centre are to:

  • Prepare students to be responsible for their education through learning strategy instruction, such as, study skills, mnemonic skills, and time management
  • Assist prospective and present students in selection of courses and programmes of study—at the college and university level—which are consistent with their career aspirations
  • Provide Family Life Education and Life Skills, such as, substance abuse, human development, sexually transmitted diseases, stress management, self-awareness, and interpersonal behavior
  • Conduct orientation, ongoing tutorials and academic advisement sessions that create a success-oriented environment, which encourages student retention
  • Help students develop realistic career goals, clarify their vocational interests, rationalize their career aspirations and assess their own aptitudes and abilities
  • Prepare students for the “job search” by assisting them with job application letters, curriculum vitae and job interview techniques
  • Identify local and regional employment opportunities for BCC graduates