Ebscohost Training Links

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Log on to Ebscohost at http://search.ebscohost.com


These links are given to provide assistance to persons who have recently started to use Ebscohost services or those who may need to refresh their skills. For further assistance seek from a BCC reference librarian.


Please note: All instructional videos are Flash videos.


1.    Introduction to Using Ebscohost:

  1. Basic Introduction - http://support.ebsco.com/training/flash_videos/intro_to_ehost/intro_to_ehost.html
  2. Creating a My EBSCOhost Account - http://support.ebsco.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=1427
  3. Choosing Databases - http://support.ebsco.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=7038

2.    Searching in Ebscohost:

  1. Setting result display preferences - http://support.ebsco.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=3840
  2. Basic search - http://support.ebsco.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=3819
  3. Advanced search - http://support.ebsco.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=3821
  4. Viewing results - http://support.ebsco.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=3987
  5. The PDF Full Text Viewer - http://support.ebsco.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=4816

3.    Using Ebscohost Ebooks service

a.   Searching for ebooks:

                  i.    User Guide -


                 ii.     Instructional video - http://support.ebsco.com/training/flash_videos/eBooks/ebooks_searching/ebooks_searching.html   

b.   Installing required software for checking out & downloading Ebscohost ebooks

                  i.    Adobe Digital Editions - http://support.ebsco.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=5882

                 ii.     BlueFire (Use if Adobe Digital Editions is NOT compatible with your device eg. Kindle) -


c.   Checking out & downloading ebooks:

                  i.    User Guide -


                 ii.    Instructional video - http://support.ebsco.com/training/flash_videos/eBooks/ebooks_downloading/ebooks_downloading.html

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