Associate Degree in Music - Involvement in the Jazz Festivals

Published Friday, 04 February 2011
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Associate Degree in Music Involvement in the Jazz Festivals


The students, staff and graduates of the Associate Degree in Music programme at BCC figured greatly in the just concluded local Jazz Festivals. The busiest was graduate and tutor, Kirk Layne, who was involved in some 12 performances during the week either as a bassist or keyboardist. Kirk also led his College ensemble of students in a performance in St. Lawrence Gap which was very well received. First year saxophonist Mylon Clarke and second year female drummer Jewel Morris were two of the highlights of the evening. Graduate saxophonist Romaro Greaves also sat in on this show and as usual thrilled the audience.


The find of these festivals for most persons like John King was the Graduate Big Band that performed as the Roger Gittens Band at Mahogany Court. This 17 piece jazz orchestra is conducted by tutor Pernell Farley and is made up of music graduates. The group has only been in existence for five months and demonstrates how the Associate Degree in Music continues to impact positively on the local music industry. 


Some of the other notable performances were by graduates. Rhea Drakes was a featured artiste in the Frank Collymore Hall, while Joseph Callender led a horn section, consisting of graduates, that backed the night’s opening act, Malcolm Griffith. The jazz group C4 opened the Saturday show at Naniki. The group comprises graduates and tutors in the music programme.


Tutor Andre Woodvine performed with the Caribbean jazz group Blue Mango and tutor Andre Daniel played with St. Lucian jazz great, Luther Francois.  Tutors and graduates performed similar duties in various groups during the jazz week. The Associate Degree in Music has come of age.