Barbados Scholarship Winners

Published Monday, 10 September 2012
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The Barbados Community College has once again achieved success with five (5) of its students reaping awards with Barbados Scholarships, Exhibitions and Awards of Excellence 2012 (Associate Degree). The students’ grade point average (GPA) ranged between 3.84 and 3.97 with an average of 82 credits. The students originated from Barbados Language Centre, Computer Studies, Commerce and Technology divisions.


We wish them every success in their future endeavours and encourage all students to continue to strive for excellence.  Students must earn between 3.75 and 4.0 GPA and pass the two core subjects, English and Communication (Core 100) and Caribbean Politics and Society (Core 102).


Our 2012 students are:


Asha Burrowes received a Barbados Exhibition. This young lady, who is 18 years old, was enrolled in the divisions of Barbados Language Centre and Commerce. Her main study areas were Accounting, French for Business & Tourism and Spanish with Themes. Ms Burrowes final GPA was 3.97.


Deimarr Callender pursued an Associate Degree in Computer Studies and received a Barbados Exhibitions as well. The young man who is 18 years of age received an A in Core 100 and B+ in Core 102.


Katrina Edwards was awarded the Barbados Exhibition. As a student from the Commerce Division, Ms Edwards’ subject areas were Accounting and Economics with a final GPA of 3.94.


Shonelle Hollingsworth and Benjamin Snaggs both received Awards of Excellence. Ms Hollingsworth is 20 years old and was enrolled in the Barbados Language Centre Division where she pursued studies in Italian for Business and Spanish with Themes. She received an A in both Core 100 and Core 102.


Mr Snaggs who was a student in the Technology division is also 20 years old. His subject area was Building & Civil Engineer with a final GPA of 3.97.


You too can be part of these success stories. For more details on how to be part of the any of scholarship programmes please contact the senior tutor of your division or Mrs Babb-Cadogan, in the Deputy Principal's office.