Scholarship Programme from The Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited

Published Monday, 12 September 2011
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The Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited is offering
four scholarships per academic year, to members enrolled in any Technical or Vocational areas of study at the Barbados Community College.


* These Four (4) scholarships will be awarded as follows:

  • One 1 Y ear Programme awarded $1,500
  • Two 2 Y ear Programmes awarded $2,000 each
  • One 3 Y ear Programme awarded $2,500 each

Applicants may be pursuing either full-time or part-time studies.


* - Special conditions apply.



  1. Awardees must be
    1. A national of Barbados who has gained admission to the Barbados Community College (BCC) to study for a full-time or part-time Certificate, Diploma, or Degree programme in any of the Technical or Vocational areas offered by the BCC.
    2. A member of the Barbados Public workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. (BPWCCUL) of any age, and membership must exist for at least one year prior to enrollment with the BCC.
    3. In good financial standing and must demonstrate commitment to the Credit Union by making regular contributions to their account while maintaining a minimum savings balance of $200.00 (in addition to the minimum required permanent shares) for at least 1 year prior to enrollment at BCC.  Under special circumstances and only for those members between the ages of 16 to 18 years, the minimum account requirements stated above may be considered based on the membership account status of a parent /guardian.
  2. Selection of awardees shall be based on performance merit and evidence of financial need.
  3. The four scholarships will be given in the form of financial assistance for students pursuing courses with a minimum duration of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years.  Each award shall be:

    1 Year Programme – BDS$1500.00 (1 per year)

    2 Year Programme – BDS$2000.00 (2 per year)

    3 Year Programme – BDS$2,500.00 (1 per year)


    The scholarships will be disbursed in accordance with the schedule below:

    1 Year Programme

    2 Year Programme

    3 Year Programme

    $1,500.00 payable in 2 installments

    $2000.00 payable in 2 installments

    $2,500.00 payable in 3 installments

    $750.00 in Semester 1

    $1000.00 in Year 1, Semester 1

    $750.00 in Year 1, Semester 1

    $750.00 in Semester 2

    $1000.00 in Year 2, Semester 1

    $1000.00 in Year 2, Semester 1



    $750.00 in Year 3, Semester 1

  4. The continuance of the awards shall be dependent on membership status as well as reports of good conduct and scholastic performance as follows:
    • Adherence to all aspects of the BCC’s Code of Conduct
    • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
    • Cheating and plagiarism are grounds for automatic withdrawal of the scholarship
  5. The agreed schedule of disbursements is tied to completion of the approved course or programme within the stated duration.
  6. The awards may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited.

Applications for these scholarships will close on September 23, 2011


Contact the office of the Registrar or the Credit Union for further details.

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