Technology Students take on Architectural Challenge by Kwame Slusher

Published Friday, 05 September 2014
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Second year Architecture students Kyle Worrell and partner Sekwena Price took the top prize in the Division of Technology architecture competition. 

The aim of the competition was to find ways to improve the green spaces in the courtyard of the Division of Technology.

Tutor in the Division Marisha Browne said that it was an opportunity for the architectural students to experience what it felt like to have real clients. 

“So what our students did, they went out, they did a site analysis of the space, they also interviewed some of the staff and the students there to see what they wanted in the space, what they thought the space lacked. 
“After that they did a proposal and got criticism.  They spoke to some of their classmates from engineering, electrical, building and civil to see what they wanted as well, and then they revamped their design,” the tutor said.

The winners agreed that the most challenging part of the competition was the budget.  “It was not a real big budget you had to deal with so you had to design cost-wise and you had to fit everything into the budget,” Worrell said.

Jonathan Henry, who won the People’s choice prize along with his partner Kanisha Corbin, said that the budget for the competition was only $500 and explained that they “tried to incorporate recyclable materials” to cut down costs.

Browne added that the student involvement in the competition was good because if students are involved in the process they were more likely to to respect the space more.