In developing the full, human potential of each student, the College endeavours to:

  • Offer high quality education through the creation of a positive, supportive environment in which teaching, learning and research takes place
  • Prepare students for meaningful participation in society as responsible citizens who are fully aware of the mutual rights, duties and obligations of all persons
  • Provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for productive work in the community
  • Encourage a wide range of cultural activities and constructive use of leisure time
  • Develop among our students an interest in maintaining sound health and physical fitness
  • Develop the skills and abilities needed for effective communication
  • Foster an awareness of and appreciation of:
    • moral and spiritual values
    • a spirit of co-operation
    • the role of education as a continuing life-long experience
  • Foster among our staff and students a positive sense of community service and involvement
  • Place a strong focus on counselling, advising, and placement services as an integral part of the College experience
  • Provide an enlightened, competent and professionally-equipped staff.

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