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In an increasingly competitive environment, constant improvement is vital for the survival of any organisation. Whether you are in business, industry or government, your employees are key to your success. The ability of an organization to respond to new challenges with greater efficiency and productivity determines your ability to achieve profitable results, and this may be facilitated through a commitment to training and retraining.

The Industry Services Unit (ISU) was established to assist business and industry in preparing a well-trained cadre of employees. With a proven track record in curriculum development and delivery, along with fifty (50) years of experience, the ISU delivers training of a high standard, which is industry specific and driven.

The primary focus of the ISU is to meet the needs of industry through innovative, customized training and services on a reasonable fee-for-service basis.

We proactively determine existing training needs either through making contact with various stakeholders, or by responding to the training needs expressed by interested parties in government, industry and or the community. It is not beyond the scope of the ISU to access credible partners and organisations beyond the shores of Barbados as we engineer strategic alliances in order to deliver training of the highest quality.

To date, the training provided by the Industry Services Unit has enhanced the credibility of persons in various sectors of industry in Barbados including Real Estate, Construction and Information Technology. The Industry Services Unit of the Barbados Community College stands ready to facilitate your training needs.

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