Deputy Principal's Office

The year 2020 has been an unprecedented year thus far. The world as we knew it in 2019 no longer exists in many ways, and tertiary education is one of those areas which has changed and will continue to evolve as time elapses.

The office of the Deputy Principal is privileged to welcome you to the Barbados Community College where your dreams and aspirations can be realized. As you journey with us during the next one to four years, it is anticipated that you will actively engage in your pursuit for excellence through the various activities and opportunities which will present themselves.

The office of the Deputy Principal works in conjunction with all Divisions and Departments of the College to ensure that you receive a quality education, and that all students are able to achieve their best outcomes while enrolled at the College. The office of the Deputy Principal therefore stands ready to facilitate your development as you actively seek to fulfil your goals and accomplish your aspirations.

Have a successful journey.

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