Human Resources & Labour Relations

The Office of Human Resources and Labour Relations provides integral support to the Barbados Community College in its continuous development as an institution that delivers quality education and training through the development and servicing of a diverse cadre of employees.

The Office of Human Resources and Labour Relations seeks to ensure that the best possible persons are recruited and retained in order for the College to achieve its mission and vision, and to ensure that the strategic objectives of the Organization are achieved. This office is also charged with the responsibility to promote safety in the workplace, and to ensure good labour relations are fostered and maintained through employee engagement, conflict resolution and the promotion of good working relations among all employees and management.

This Office is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that adequate compensation benefits are available to all employees, and that there is compliance with the established labour laws, as well as engaging the support of employee/labour representatives.

In an attempt to ensure that the Institution achieves its full mandate of responding to the education and training needs as expressed by our vital stakeholders, the office of Human Resources will seek to ensure that employees have the necessary tools to promote their success and this will be achieved through the provision of continuous professional development for all categories of employees. The office of Human Resources and Labour Relations therefore seeks to provide a good working environment for all employees.

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