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To apply to the college for early applications, the fee is BDS $10.00 while for late applications the fee is BDS $60.00. Click here to learn more about application periods and procedures.

Each Division has varying fees dependent on the courses selected. Click on Fees for Part-Time Students, Fees for Full-Time Students, Fees for Bachelor Students, or Fees per Student. If you are a Regional or Extra-Regional student, there are also additional costs to consider, so click on Regional and Extra-Regional Students. All fees are quoted in Barbados dollars.

Please be aware that all fees listed on this website are subject to change without prior notice. Fees are paid on a yearly basis. Fees must be paid in full on Acceptance.


Full-Time Student Fees

Local Students
  1 Year
Registration Fee $295.00
Accident Policy $25.00
Total per year $320.00
Regional Students
  1 Year
Registration Fee $295.00
Medical Insurance $330.00
Visa Fee $300.00
*Tuition Fees $4,000.00
 Total per year $4,925.00
Extra-Regional Students
  1 Year
Registration Fee $295.00
Medical Insurance $330.00
Visa Fee $300.00
**Tuition Fees $8,000.00
 Total per year $8,925.00
Tuition Fees
* Regional Students pay $2,000.00 per Semester
** Extra-Regional Students pay $4,000.00 per Semester

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Part-Time Student Fees

In addition to the fees listed above, Local Students pursuing part-time/day-release programmes are required to pay Course Fees which are due at the beginning of each Semester. These fees range from $300.00 to $750.00 per Semester. Below is a breakdown of Course Fees for Programmes/Courses offered on a Part-time basis.

Programmes Course Fees/Semester Number of Semesters
Division of Commerce
Business Studies $750.00 6
Finance & Investment $750.00 6
Marketing $750.00 6
Office Administration & Management $750.00 6
Paralegal Studies (Day-release) $750.00 6
Public Sector Management (Day-release) $750.00 6
Private Secretary's Diploma $750.00 4
Economics & Finance $750.00 6
Accounting & Management $750.00 6
Public Administration & Management $750.00 6
Division of Computer Studies
Computer Studies $750.00 6
Certificate in Information Technology $750.00 2
Division of Fine Arts
Dance $750.00 6
Music $750.00 6
Theatre Arts $750.00 6
Certificate in Interior Decorating $750.00 2
Certificate in Fashion Design $750.00 2
Division of General & Continuing Education
Psychology (Part-time) $750.00 5
Social Work (Part-time) $750.00 5
Hospitality Institute
Hospitality Studies $750.00 6
Division of Liberal Arts    
Library Information Technician's Programme $750.00 2
Physical Education Department
Sport Management (Day-release) $750.00 5



Financing is a major consideration when pursuing studies. The Barbados Community College each year is delighted to offer our students the opportunity to receive a number of scholarships or awards. Each scholarship or award includes a monetary contribution. Here is a list of some of the scholarships offered.

  • Barbados Association of Office Professionals
  • Barbados Award of Excellence
  • Barbados Exhibition
  • Barbados Language Centre Scholarship
  • Barbados Police Cooperatives Credit Union Ltd
  • Barbados Public Workers’ Cooperative Credit Union Limited
  • Barbados Scholarship  
  • F.A.C. Collymore Scholarship Fund
  • Semester Abroad Programme
  • Sir Arnott Cato Award
  • Sir Frank Walcott Scholarship
  • The Caribbean Catalyst Annual Memorial Kregg Nurse Scholarship
  • The Gildan Activewear SRL Scholarship


Please check with the Office of the Registrar or your Division head to see how you can qualify.

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