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We’ve created a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you better understand the way of life at BCC and provide answers to questions you might have. Click on the question to be taken to the answer. If you don’t see the FAQ you’re looking for, contact the Registrar for the information you need.


What are some of the uses of the BCC ID card other than to identify a student?

Is it OK if I carry my ID in my back pack/bag?

What is the dress code for students?

Can I smoke at BCC?


Disabled Facilities

I am disabled. Have any special arrangements been made at the BCC for someone like me?


Programmes & Courses

What is a programme?

What is a course?

What is a core?

What is an elective?


Further Studies & Associate Degree

What is an Associate Degree?

Is the Associate Degree a better qualification than CAPE?

Is the Associate Degree a well known qualification?

When should I apply to the College?

Can the Associate Degree be used to enter the world of work?

What are the advantages of studying at the College when compared to going on to sixth form?

What qualifications do I require to gain entry to the College?

Do I have to pay tuition fees for my programme of study?

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