Division of Computer Studies

Why Computer Studies?

In BCC’s Division of Computer Studies, we train the technological leaders of tomorrow thus giving them an advantage in employment or for further study. We take your raw talent and tailor it to make you a solution to the world’s technological challenges. Across the programmes, students acquire skills in hardware, networking, software development, database management, accounting, internet applications and mobile applications which are utilised in solving problems in a variety of disciplines and businesses.

The Division of Computer Studies:

  • offers
    • high-quality instruction that is student-centred
    • real-world “hands-on” experience
    • wide and varied curriculum with a focus on current technologies
  • is committed to
    • perpetuating a caring environment
    • the holistic development of each and every student
    • perpetuate a teaching and learning environment that are driven by excellence
    • life-long-learning
    • engaging our stakeholders and the wider community which we serve
    • produces world-class graduates

The Division of Computer Studies is not only the leader in Associate Degree offering in Barbados but it also has regional and international appeal. Students from our Caribbean neighbours and as far as Africa have attended the Division. Our training is world-class. Allow me to introduce Kesan Walrond-McClean who is testimony to the quality of training and education that is offered by the Division of Computer Studies. He earned an Applied Associate Degree in Computer Studies and a Barbados Scholarship. Armed with this solid foundation, he successfully completed a degree in Mathematical Science from the Florida Institute of Technology and is currently working as a Software Engineer at Google, having held a similar position at Amazon. Your dreams are fulfilled through the Division of Computer Studies.

“Life-long-learning is our attitude and Excellence is our heartbeat.
We impact the world one student at a time.”

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