Technical Vocation


The Department of Technical/Vocational Education was created at the Barbados Community College in 1997, to fill the void for Technical and Vocational Education Training for teachers of Industrial Arts and Home Economics in Secondary schools in Barbados.



The Department offers the Bachelor in Education (Tech/Voc). The degree has two majors, Home Economics and Industrial Arts, and was designed to redress the shortage of formal and appropriate baccalaureate programmes for Technical and Vocational teachers.

The Diploma in Education (Technical and Applied) is the Teacher Training programme designed specifically for Tech Voc and applied teachers (BCC Tutors specifically). 

Both programmes have a collaborative arrangement among the Barbados Community College, Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, and the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology (SJPI). 



The Competency Based Education (CBE) approach has been adopted as the major delivery model, as it ensures that graduates attain the intricate balance between theory and technical skills, which is necessary for high-calibre practitioners.  The department also comprises a Tech Voc Teacher Resource Centre, which assists in providing technological training and resources specific to Tech Voc teachers.



The department is currently ascribed to the Office of the Deputy Principal, and is staffed by Dr Antonia Coward – Home Ec & Programme Coordinator, currently on leave, Dr. Carlos Knight – Industrial Arts Coordinator and Major Peter Powlett, Media Resource Officer in charge of the Teacher Resource Centre and programme coordinator (Ag.)

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