Industry Services Unit (ISU)

In an increasingly competitive environment, it requires constant improvement for any organization to survive and excel.  Whether you are in business, industry or government, your employees are your key to success.  Their ability to rise to new challenges with greater efficiency and productivity determines your ability to achieve profitable results. 

How do you create an environment where constant improvement is more than a catch phrase?  It begins with a commitment to education and training.  Successful training programmes begin with clear goals.  This is exactly where your partnership with the Barbados Community College, Industry Services Unit begins.

The Barbados Community College Industry Services Unit was established to assist business and industry in preparing a well-trained cadre of employees.  With BCC’s proven track record in programme development and delivery, along with over fifty (50) years of experience, the ISU is equipped with the expertise to develop and deliver training which is of a high standard.

Our primary focus is to meet the needs of industry through innovative, customized training and services on a fee-for-service basic.  We have gone beyond the shores of Barbados to find credible partners as we engineer strategic alliances in our quest to deliver training of the highest standard.

We are committed to building strong industry partnerships.

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