Principal's Message

Dear Continuing Students

Welcome back to the commencement of classes on August 31, 2020.

Some of you have already returned to the ‘Eyrie’ campus or the Hospitality Institute for Final Assessments, Summer School or to conduct business and would therefore be familiar with the health and safety protocols in place. Many of you will be accessing the physical campuses for the first time since face to face classes were suspended, and we are asking that you familiarize yourselves with the COVD-19 protocols in place and adhere to them.

There may be delays at the gates as the security team will be recording names and taking temperatures, so include this time in your planning. These protocols are to ensure your safety and we are soliciting your patience and cooperation. More than ever, you will need to act responsibly in your behaviour on campus as well as off campus, since flouting the protocols may have negative repercussions for other students and staff. Respectfully remind each other of this.

It has become too easy to be harshly critical and post negative, hurtful comments about others on social media, whilst being misled into thinking that this is a form of activism or ‘keeping it real'. Avoid that approach. Use empowering language. Provide solutions. You may not be aware of the issues the targeted person(s) might be facing, as the COVID-19 environment has revealed a number of persons across the island who are dealing with mental and financial challenges. Reach out and ask for assistance if you are finding it difficult to cope with what is a demanding, novel and uncharted environment. There is help available from your Tutors, Counsellors, Student Affairs and the administrative staff. We are here to serve.

Remember that you have the ultimate responsibility for sanitising your personal space, washing your hands, social distancing and wearing masks.

Together we will successfully face the challenges of this semester.


Annette Alleyne


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