Student Affairs

Welcome to the heart and soul of your college experience through your interaction with the Office of Student Affairs.  As your first point of contact via the application process and the last point of contact through graduation and beyond we ensure that you have a satisfying and enriching experience. 

The team at Student Affairs is dedicated to providing high quality services for every student while at the college and even after you have left. Outstanding Customer Service is our mandate because we are cognisant of the need to maximise student comfort and satisfaction. 

Students can feel confident when entering our office that their questions and or concerns will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner.  We endeavour to not only meet but to exceed the expectations of each student with every service we provide.

This department supports the educational mission of the institution through the provision of supportive administrative assistance to help students achieve their learning outcomes and success.

Each department/division of the institution is assigned an officer, who expertly and professionally executes the range of services we provide which include:

  • Procession of Applications

    The application period commences in January of each year and usually ends in June.  Prospective students have a choice of applying for one or a maximum of two programmes as their first and second choices.  Persons who do not meet the minimum matriculation requirements may be admitted as a mature student (age 25 and over), based on the discretion of the divisional or departmental head.

  • Registration for New and Continuing Students

    Registration for new and continuing students is conducted by the Student Affairs office.  Assistance is provided in the selection of Cores and Electives along with

  • Requests for Transcripts

    Transcripts may be requested to be sent to other educational institutions or to organisations funding your education.  Transcripts provide an up-to-date, detailed record of the grades you have received on a semester basis.

  • Letters to Various Ministries and Institutions

    Letters requested by students for multiple purposes are processed by the Student Affairs Office. 

  • Guidance on the Selection of cores and Electives

    Each student is required to complete a set of Core and Elective subjects in order to be eligible to graduate.  Whenever in doubt the officers in Student Affairs will ensure that you select the appropriate electives to fulfil the requirements of your programme.

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