• Award:Certificate
  • Study Mode:Part-Time
  • Duration:15 Weeks


For Barbados, energy supply is critical to all aspects of economic development. Energy requirements are predominantly met through imported fossil fuels.  With the focus to draw energy from the sun and push Barbados to becoming a 100 percent renewable energy and carbon neutral island state by 2030, there is a need to train future employees to manage and work in the sector. The Barbados Community College’s Division of Technology is pleased to offer a certificate in Photovoltaic Design and Practice.

Admission Requirements

  • The first pre-requisite is the free SEI course: Introduction to Renewable Energy: https://www.solarenergy.org/courses/introduction-to-renewable-energy
  • Electrical and/or PV installation experience is highly desirable but not mandatory


Fees & Financing

  • Start date: PVOL 101 - Grid Direct - May 15, 2023 - June 25, 2023
    PVOL 203 - Battery-Based - June 26 - August 6, 2023
  • Duration: 15 weeks
  • Location: Blended Classes - Barbados Community College
  • Cost: $3,500.00
  • Deposit: $1,750.00 to be paid by April 28, 2023
  • Balance: $1,750.00 to be paid by May 26, 2023

To apply for the Certificate in Photovoltaic Design & Practice Programme please click here.

Application link: https://forms.gle/p1YMraxoNHmgiWev5


This course is perfect for an individual who is seeking to become a Photovoltaic (PV) systems designer, a site assessor, an installation supervisor, a maintenance technician, a PV OHS supervisor, a PV customer service agent or a PV salesperson. The job market can be extended to include a range of persons who interact with photovoltaic from roofer installers to electrical installers and those persons who are required to inspect systems on completion.

Description of Courses

The Certificate in Photovoltaic Design & Practice is a professional training programme  that equips practitioners with the knowledge and skills to design and safely install Grid-Tied and Battery Based Systems.  The programme requires 100 hours of online training and 30 hours of practical and 15 hours face-to-face instruction. This course will be divided into two (2) parts which will comprise of the two (2) online training courses conducted by Solar Energy International (SEI):

  1. PVOL 101 -  Solar Electric Design and Installation: Grid-Direct
  2. PVOL 203 -  PV System Fundamentals: Battery-Based
  3. and a face-to-face practical component.

The SEI training courses will provide full preparation for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ Associate Examination which students are free to complete on their own.  Visit www.solarenergy.org for more information.

Course Objectives:

  1. Install different PV systems configurations such as Stand-alone, Grid-Direct and Multimode.
  2. Test the electrical parameters of different circuits within a PV System.
  3. Demonstrate how to install and test for compatibility with battery banks.
  4. Install various PV Systems accurately and safely.


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