Associate Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering (Part-Time)

  • Award:Associate Degree
  • Study Mode:Part-Time
  • Duration:3 Years


Hardware necessary for providing and supporting the information and computer technology expansion in our society must be maintained and upgraded to provide reliable and up-to-date services.  The Electronic and Computer Engineering programme was conceptualized and developed to meet hardware maintenance needs in the area of information and computer technology.  In response to these needs, the programme prepares graduates for positions of technician, engineering technician, and entrepreneurs in the field of Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering.


The Associate degree is the step prior to the Bachelor Degree from an academic perspective. Its ideal academic level is two years to the Bachelor Degree, but dependent on the field of pursuit it may be a bit more than two years. The work-related activities is as a technician working with an Engineer in the fields of Telecommunications, electronic control, computer control, programming, and computer-based systems and related fields of hardware and software. 

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