• Award:Diploma
  • Study Mode:Part-Time
  • Duration:1 year


The Diploma of Education course is concerned with helping people to become effective teachers. The programme is for graduates who have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in a technical or applied discipline and wish to train as teachers at the secondary and tertiary levels.


The programme is oriented to the needs of tutors at the tertiary level and Technical/Vocational teachers. In particular it stimulates the development of teachers’ understanding of their main subjects in relation to the demands of teaching and it provides a sound intellectual and practical foundation for a career in education. It maintains a balance between professional studies, the development of professional skills and teachers’ overall growth as professionals.


The Programme will consist of a compulsory summer session offered for four weeks full time (9:00 am to 4:00 pm). During the semester there will be courses which will be taught by faculty from Erdiston Teachers' Training College and Barbados Community College.


The programme address the activities associated with the preparation and effective delivery of instruction within the technical and applied educational setting. It seeks to equip student teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to cope with current educational problems. Emphasis will be placed on designing appropriate activity oriented learning experiences, selecting and effectively using instructional media, incorporating appropriate principles of adult learning, and managing classrooms and other training settings.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must:

  • have a university degree or its equivalent.
  • have a clearly identifiable major.
  • be teaching that major during the training period (1 Year).

Description of Courses

The courses in the programme are designed to allow students to show an understanding of the values and implications behind current educational practices and to develop a rational basis for action in the classroom, school and educational system.


Some of the courses include;

  • Advanced Instructional Media & Delivery;
  • Research Methods and Evaluation;
  • Planning and Instruction;
  • Foundations of Educational Psychology;
  • Sociology of Adult Education;
  • The Teaching of Technical and Applied Studies in Secondary/Higher Education;
  • Curriculum/Programme Development in Technical and Applied Education

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