Counselling & Placement Centre

Welcome to the BCC Counselling & Placement Centre!

Your college experience can be an exciting period but also a stressful one. Our experienced and highly trained Counsellors and Placement Officer are available to assist you in navigating your path to success.

Our psychological services are confidential and provide students the opportunity to understand emotional wellness, manage stressors, cope with relationship struggles, and other mental health issues.

Our career services can help you navigate your career path. We provide you with opportunities to explore your interests and gain valuable professional experience. Group and individual sessions on résumé and cover letter writing and interview techniques are offered to ensure you are well prepared for a job opportunity. We liaise with employers to assist you in obtaining internships, permanent, temporary and part-time jobs.

Finally our Academic and Higher Education Advising keep you on track to complete your studies at the College successfully and chart the way forward for study at an institution of your choice.

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