1. Personal Counselling

    In Personal Counselling sessions students are helped with their decision making and taught strategies to cope with difficulties. The Counsellor can assist with a range of personal issues, including but not limited to - stress, anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, grief and loss, sexuality, and life decisions. The counsellor can also refer the student to community agencies, psychologists or psychiatrists if needed.

  2. Academic Counselling

    Academic counselling exists to assist students with issues that affect their ability to learn or are impeding their academic success. Counsellors can assist in addressing issues such as test anxiety, test preparation, learning strategies, and ways to develop better study habits and skills.

  3. Career Counselling

    Career Counselling assists students in selecting a major field of study and planning a career. Students are also encouraged to develop realistic goals.

  4. Job Placement

    Job Placement offers free job placement service for students and graduates. Job opportunities are either initiated by employers or sought out by the Placement Officer. The Placement Officer assists with the job search process: résumés, cover letters and interview techniques. The Job Placement service enriches learning and skills development through the integration of internship opportunities and the preparation of students for part-time, full-time, summer and graduate employment.

  5. Higher Education Advising

    Higher Education Advising provides comprehensive undergraduate and graduate information on College / Universities and Scholarships in the Caribbean, U.K., Canada and the U.S.A. Counsellors/EducationUSA Advisors can assist students in the research and selection of a programme of study; they also provide guidance with college application and pre-admissions tests. The Centre also hosts visits for local and overseas college/university recruiters.

  6. Computer Facilities

    Desktop computers with internet access are available to BCC students and alumni; they may be used for: college search, document preparation and general information.  These services can also be accessed by members of the public who are conducting business at the college.

  7. Electives taught by CPC Staff
    • GEED 184 Preparation for the World of Work
    • GEED 195 HIV & AIDS Peer To Peer Education Workshop
  8. LIME Academic Enhancement Centre (LAEC)

    The LAEC provides free tutoring in select subject areas such as:

    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Physics
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Engineering - mathematics and physics
  9. 18 & Under College Advising

    The 18 & Under College Advising session sensitizes students to the counselling experience and supports them in their quest to achieve academic excellence.

  10. Counselling Services Sanctioned by the College

    In some instances, students may be referred or mandated to receive counselling services by the College.

  11. Services to Faculty and Staff

    The Counselling and Placement Centre does not provide direct counselling services for Barbados Community College faculty or staff. However, if requested counsellors can provide a list of professionals from which staff may choose. 

  12. Financial Assistance

    Students who are in financial need are assessed by the Director of the Counselling & Placement Centre who then makes recommendation for funds through the Students’ Contingency Fund.

  13. Library Service

    Students are allowed to borrow non-referenced books and take Higher Education college/university brochures. Members of the public are also allowed to borrow non-referenced Higher Education material and take Higher Education college/university brochures.  The books contained in the Centre deal primarily with Careers and Higher Education.

  14. Outreach

    Centre staff participate in out-reach activities to schools and community agencies, facilitating the following:

    • Annual Walk for the Cure of the Barbados Cancer Society
    • Workplace Readiness workshop for select schools and community groups
  15. Seminars and Workshops

    The Centre facilitates seminars and workshops on varying themes, such as:

    • Time management
    • Study Skills/Strategies
    • Test Anxiety and Exam Preparation
    • Personal Growth and Development
    • Health Matters
    • Summer Placement
    • Regional and International Student Orientation
    • Pre-departure Orientation
    • Community Outreach Seminar – Workplace Readiness

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